Advanced GeoSpatial Inc.

The AGI Team

AGI has worked in a wide variety of water resource, government, and GIS jobs in Florida since 1998. Its unique working relationship is the culmination of over 14 years combining skills, knowledge and expertise to solving water resource, land use, infrastructure and facility managment plans as well as solutions to environmental issues.

Alan Baker is Vice President of Operations and co-founder of Advanced GeoSpatial Inc. where he serves as the Principal GIS Director. Alan has a bachelorís degree in Geology from the Florida State University and is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Florida. He oversees GIS program management and project design at AGI. Alan has managed projects that include site-suitability analysis, real estate mapping and spatial analysis using GIS. His skills include predictive spatial analysis and modeling, custom and interactive map design, municipal infrastructure digitization and mapping, real property analysis, and three-dimensional conceptualization.

Alan has also managed projects including system-wide infrastructure mapping for a large utility, map modernization, and water-resource analysis. His skills include infrastructure data modeling, advanced statistical analysis, global positioning systems, geodatabase development, predictive spatial and statistical analysis, water-use permitting, and contaminant potential modeling.