Advanced GeoSpatial Inc.

Custom GIS Mapping Service

We maintain an extensive database from which we develop custom maps. View some sample maps on our online map gallery. We can locate or develop specific data for your project , and we can also customize existing datasets. See Interactive Maps for a look at how you can have your own basic GIS. Rates are below.

Examples of data layers we maintain

Real Estate DataZip CodesLand UsePolitical boundaries
Public Land SurveySoilGeologyWater Bodies
Parcel dataContour LinesFlood ZonesWetlands
Aerial PhotographyDigital ElevationTopography

Typical turnaround time on maps is approximately 24 hours or less

Professional Services

$85.00 Data development or customization rate; per hour

$85.00 Data acquisition rate; per hour (plus cost of data acquisition)

Call us at 850-580-4447 for estimates on other map sizes, or email awood at

Click here for Interactive Maps to see how you can have affordable GIS on your computer

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