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Launching a Value-Added GIS Program, Pt. 2

    Data Development and Acquisition
The integrity of the data selected or developed for use in a GIS program helps determine the quality and accuracy of the GIS program itself. It's important to have the best data, but it's also important to make sure that the data used is right for the intended applications. Data collected with handheld a GPS unit with an accuracy of 1-3 meters may not appropriate for a project requiring survey-grade accuracy, for example. On the other hand, collecting survey grade data to use in conjunction with hydrographic data mapped at a scale of 1:100,000 is also inappropriate data use, and can waste resources. Determining what decisions will be made using the GIS can help determine the appropriate level of accuracy of GIS data.
    Staff Training and Use
Once appropriate data is amassed, and the proper GIS software is installed and running, it is important to identify who in the organization will be using the GIS and how much training they will require. It may be appropriate to add staff with specific GIS expertise, or identify an outside GIS service provider to supplement the successful use of the program.
    Ongoing GIS Management Plan
Storage and maintenance of GIS data, an effective quality assurance plan, and software maintenance are all integral parts of managing an ongoing GIS program. When data products are released for sale, or use by the public, metadata standards must be established and utilized. Along with identifying the users of the GIS program, it is also important to identify who in the organization will be responsible for these critical components of ensuring the GIS program's ongoing success and proper use.
    Implementation Evaluation
Periodic review of the GIS program is an excellent way to ensure its ongoing value and functionality. This should include review of the use, efficiency and future expansion needs for the program. As time passes, many facets of the GIS program can change and this review helps ensure the program can flex with future needs, data accuracy requirements, and program expansion.

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