Advanced GeoSpatial Inc.

Marion County Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment

AGI has completed the Marion County Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment (MCAVA) model characterizing the natural (or intrinsic) vulnerability of the Floridan Aquifer System (FAS). The primary purpose of this project was to provide Marion County with a scientifically-defensible, water-resource management tool to be used to help minimize adverse impacts on ground-water quality. The project results allow improved decisions to be made about aquifer vulnerability with regard to model input selected, including focused protection of sensitive areas such as springsheds and ground-water recharge areas.

Project Deliverables

  • Project final report (PDF download ~2MB)
  • MCAVA 24 x 36 map (PDF download ~8MB)
  • Other MCAVA Documents

  • Progress Report #1
  • Progress Report #2
  • Progress Report #3
  • Model Output

    Click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image of MCAVA model output.