Advanced GeoSpatial Inc.

Site Suitability Analysis

Increasing value while reducing effort...

A site suitability assessment adds value to projects by helping to identify suitable sites that meet specific criteria or restrictions. The results of these assessments can greatly reduce the time and effort which might otherwise be spent manually searching records, processing data or field surveying.

Site location is a key factor and critical initial step in the design of many projects. Acquiring new land for site development or improvement is increasingly more challenging—particularly in an escalating real estate market—and can be the result of growth of urban areas, and increased environmental standards or regulations.

The results of the site suitability analysis produce a detailed display of the most-suitable to least-suitable areas for consideration of placement of a certain facility, while filtering out unusable or less desirable sites.

Certain aspects are more important than others in determining the best location for each site, and might include an area’s proximity to existing infrastructure, soil types, transportation, environmental sensitivity, and land use. AGI’s site suitability analysis allows such unlike measurements to be converted to common values that can be summed and compared to ease the final site selection process.